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SatNetMonitor is designed for owners of infrastructure networks.

Our services are aimed for transmission and distribution network operators and their ecosystem partners (TSOs and DSOs) across Europe and the world.

SatNetMonitor includes the following services


Vegetation management is used to make the maintenance of vegetation in and around the Right-of-Way of the powerlines more efficient and effective. Maintenance can be optimized and the risk level can simultaneously be lowered. Unnecessary and harmful vegetation management can be avoided and tasks can be done where and when needed. This results in cost savings and improved network resilience.


Through Infrastructure Risk Detection the thousands of kilometres of the network can be continuously monitored in a cost-efficient way. Unauthorized use of the right-of way such as structures, parked heavy vehicles or dumped materials, and construction activities can be spotted and alerts created. Risk to the network and third parties will be efficiently reduced.


Disaster management improves the situational awareness in case of a disaster, such as a major storm. Extreme weather events are becoming more common and critical infrastructure needs to be maintained through the storms. Disaster management helps in repairing and maintaining the network even during a storm and through clouds.

Automatic analysis of satellite pictures help to identify vegetation risks close to the network. Risks are highlighted with colors where red stands for high risk and yellow, green and blue mean low or no risk.

Fully Automated Cloud Service

SatNetMonitor is offered as a SaaS service. The network owner only needs to supply the network information. Satellite data acquisition and import, as well as analysis is peformed by the software with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. The system includes various types of risk maps, observations, alerts and tasks. Besides managing the observations and risks, the system can be used for tasking maintenance and repair activities to partners.

Events & Presentations

Webinar – Fornybar Norge – Droner, satelliter og roboter: ny teknologi for bedre kontroll langs kraftlinjerand ”Droner for Hele Energisektoren – Dronekonferanse for Energibransjen”
1st June 2023

Webinar on new technologies and Conference on drones for electricity networks in Kristiansand, Norway

“Energia-alan tutkimusseminaari” 7th Feb 2023
The Finnish Energy Research Seminar in Vantaa, Finland

“Verkostopäivät” 9th -10th Feb 2023
Network seminar in Tampere, Finland

“Energiateollisuuden tutkimusseminaari” 7th Feb 2023
Energy industry research seminar in Helsinki, Finland

“Verkonrakennuspäivät” 24th– 25th Nov 2022
Network construction seminar in Helsinki, Finland

”Elnätsdagarna” 17th Nov 2022
Electricity distribution network seminar in Stockholm, Sweden

”Temadagar Skogrydding” 15th Nov 2022
Forest management seminar for DSOs in Oslo, Norway

”Temadagar Vedlikehold” 15th Sept 2022
Maintenance seminar in Oslo, Norway

“Verkonrakennuspäivät” 24th – 25th Nov 2021
Network construction seminar in Helsinki, Finland

“Panel Discussion in Space Expo seminar” 17th Nov 2021
Bremen, Germany

”Adato käyttöpäivä” 21st Oct 2021
Network operations and maintenance seminar in Helsinki, Finland

About Us

SatNetMonitor service is powered by HeadPower and Terramonitor.

HeadPower is a leading infrastructure management system provider for the electricity distribution sector. HeadPower Infra Work Manager software is used by hundreds of companies.

Terramonitor is one of the best satellite data analysis companies. Terramonitor’s key competences include AI and Machine Learning analysis of satellite data, and vegetation analysis expertise.

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